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June 21 - News NOBILI

Nobili, technology and quality, the strengths of all our options, from the 1950s to the present. They are the foundations through which, every day, we strive to build reference products dedicated to the bathroom and kitchen, the maximum expression of a totally ecological and Italian-style cutting-edge technology ...

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Suministros Ibiza, materials and services for construction professionals on the island.
This leading company since 1964 has its own construction materials manufacturing plants and provides direct service to construction sites ...

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May 21 - COLORKER - News

May 21 - Training in professional air conditioning - Panasonic and Airzone

Training in professional air conditioning in the facilities of Suministros Ibiza, by the leading brands Panasonic and Airzone.

May 21 - 360o Pavement

The requirements of some industrial sectors have raised the bar in the development of increasingly efficient and technified coatings.

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April 21 - CERTIFICATION RD 163/2019

We are accredited according to RD 163/2019: certification of the production control of the manufactured concretes, for our two concrete plants, guaranteeing our Clients and the Facultative Directions the required quality criteria, and always with the level of service of Suministros Ibiza.

April 21 - Suministros Ibiza: original proposals to renovate the home

Today we value our home much more, since it has become the place where we develop a large part of our lives. For this reason, Suministros Ibiza is presented as the meeting place for professionals and individuals where to find the best construction materials and products with which to recreate the place where we feel calm, safe and happy.

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Proud collaborators since the beginning of the reform of the old Hotel San Miguel, hereinafter SIAU IBIZA HOTEL *****, only for adults once its transformation is completed.

April 21 - Latest COLORKER news

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March 20 - IBIZA HEUTE

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February 20 - IBERGROUP - Newsletter N.7

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February 20 - TARIMATEC

Tarimatec is the perfect mix between Nature and Technology, made to create a product that ads beauty and warmth of wood with the durability and easy maintenance of synthetic products. All the prodcuts are 100% recyclable and are made of vegetal fibers, rice husk from the reuse...

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February 20 - IBIZA HEUTE

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January 20 - IBIZA HEUTE

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Last December 3, the draw for the Mercedes Citan that Mercedes Benz Vans makes available to Ibergroup was held in Madrid ...

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December 19 - IBIZA HEUTE

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20th December 19 - New Gessi faucet collections in our showroom

We are pleased to announce we have placed in our showroom the exclusive Gessi faucets collections, with a fine and distinguised italian design, at same level as its excellent quality.


12th December 19 - Delivery service

New delivery service! We carry any kind of material traded through Suministros Ibiza: light loads, heavy loads… short lead times.
Make your order and we do the delivery.

09th May 19 - New self-service area for plumbing

Last 09th May Suninistros Ibiza opened up a new self-service area for plumbing supplies, focused to profesional fitters and plumbers. They can find out professional tools, sealers, silicons, adhesives, pipes, valves, and all neccessary elements for projects and systems for home hot water, air conditioning, heating… In addition, a wide range of safety equipment (shoes, gloves, clothes) are available.


26th November 17. Pladur™ Gypsum Board, new brand into our portfolio

We are glad to announce that the leading brand in gypsum board and wall systems PLADUR™ joins to Suministros Ibiza. We can help and assist about different wall systems and much more possibilities that the leading brand offer.

26th May 17. Grohe launch the new collections

Suministros Ibiza, in co-operation with Grohe, world renowned company for bathroom fittings, host a new space for sanitary and taps, focused to professional plumbers and fitters of bathroom equipments.

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1th January 17 - SUMINISTROS IBIZA became part of Ibergroup

Last 13rd December, Suministros Ibiza became part of Ibergroup, the most important Association and Purchasing Central Company in Spain for building materials distributors. All members lead their local markets, and we all share the same philosophy and challenges. This is part of the strategy for improvement and quality guided mangement, started in 2000 year once we implant ISO systems in our company.

Ibergroup members are Manau (Catalonia region), Laguardia & Moreira (Galicia and Madrid regions), Jorge Fernandez Grupo (Basque Country region), Terrapilar (Murcia región), Almacenes Cámara (Castille region), Lostal (Cantabria region), Grupo Matteria (Extremadura region), and Chafiras (Canary Islands)

27th November 15 - JACOB DELAFON / An elegant lifestyle

The 27th November 15 Suministros Ibiza, in co-operation with Jacob Delafon, opened up a new bathroom area with bathroom fittings from this leading brand, in our showroom in Formentera.

We celebrate this new space with a nice event, introducting all new products from the french manufacturer to our customers, architects, fitters and friends.

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